Commissioned by Georges River Council. Year of the Water Rabbit. 7.3m x 2.44m mural - located outside Hurstville Interchange. Inspired by Chinese Feng Shui painting '8 Horses' displayed across Asia to attract wealth and fortune.

'FUN, RABBIT, FUN, RABBIT, FUN, FUN, FUN' is a mural of 8 lucky rabbits adorned with lucky lunar new year symbols. What does it all mean?

Red is a lucky colour in Chinese culture. Gold represents wealth and fortune. Clouds are auspicious. Chinese cabbage/cai represents fortune. Chinese red packets are handed out to children during LNY celebrations - quite exciting for children as they receive money in the red envelopes. Gold ingots, coins and mandarins are displayed during LNY as they represent wealth and fortune. Lanterns and dumplings are enjoyed during the celebrations. The rabbits wear longevity locks/necklaces as a sign of a long life. One rabbit dances with Chinese plum blossoms - these flourish in harsh, cold weather and are a sign of perseverance.